Preschool age is scientifically proven to be the best age for learning new languages. At Habla Spanish Academy we prepare bilingual students for a successful life..

Our preschool program follows the Spanish immersion method, the fastest and most effective way to learn a new language. All lessons, interactions, songs, books, and games are done entirely in Spanish. Our mission is to provide our students with an enriching and safe environment where they can learn and develop their skills to the fullest.

Small Groups

We have small groups to offer personalized attention to our students and give the teaching staff the opportunity to interact and evaluate each student more accurately..

Interactive Classes

Through games and group activities our goal is for students to better assimilate new concepts as well as the development of logic and reasoning skills.

Flexible Schedule

Option of two, three or five days a week.

Educational Resources

We provide the didactic materials and worksheets  to stimulate the creativity and interest of our students.


At Habla Spanish Academy we use a creative curriculum that supports a holistic development for preschool Spanish immersion education. Through thematic units we incorporate science, literature, art and logic through games and educational activities. For mathematics, we use the Singapore Math system which is based on visual models to understand the concepts, making it better suited to preschool students. We integrate our Literacy curriculum to develop vocabulary, reading comprehension, phonetics and alphabet identification. Early literacy in Spanish promotes the acquisition of oral and written language in both Spanish-speaking students and students who are acquiring it as a second language. Because many literacy skills tend to transfer across languages, early literacy instruction in Spanish can also give children the benefit of learning to read in English, giving them the advantage of not only being bilingual but also able to read in two languages.


We are committed to providing an excellent service; therefore, we consider as our best guarantee the opinion of our customers.

"My 2 1/2 year old son is happy at Habla Spanish Academy. As a mom, I feel very confident to leave him there, knowing that he is happy, has a lot of fun, he is well cared for, and he is learning very well. Rosy is an excellent teacher, because in addition to being very prepared and putting all her efforts into it, she is very loving with children and my son loves her very much !! I highly recommend this preschool, because in addition to the exceptional teacher it has, Viviana, the director and owner, is very professional, my oldest son has been in her Lectoescritura class for many years and has learned very well to read and write in Spanish.."

- Ildalucia Garza
School member since 2017

"We are happy to have found Habla Spanish Academy preschool. My daughter Ninke loved Miss Rosy from day one. Her Spanish improved very quickly. She also really enjoys playing with her friends in the school's beautiful garden. I highly recommend this preschool.."

- Marisol Visser
School member since 2020

"The preschool at Habla Spanish Academy is fantastic! Teacher Rosy is very experienced, she is friendly and maintains a full Spanish immersion experience for all students. This school has a strong focus on reading and writing skills, and even the youngest students receive a solid foundation in these skills. My daughter formed a strong bond with teacher Rosy and loves going to school. We are very fortunate to be part of the Habla Spanish Academy community.."

- Anna Reed
School member since 2019

Know the essential information for your child to belong to the Preschool Educational Community .


Open enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year


Competitive prices with a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payment option. Download the PDF for more information or contact us.


Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. We have the option of five, three and two days a week. For extended hours information please contact us.


Download the PDF for the list of materials for this school year.

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