Lecto escritura

A child is bilingual when he is able to understand, read, write, communicate and express himself perfectly in two different languages.

Don't let your children lose their native language. The combination of languages in a Hispanic-American family can make daily life difficult. Get your children to speak Spanish and make your communication with them clearer and more personal. This class is designed to give students a space where they speak only in Spanish with children of the same grade level and with similar cultural backgrounds. Additionally, they will learn to read and write with the proper pronunciation and spelling so they can be be truly bilingual

Small Groups

No more than 6 students per teacher so we can provide an interactive class both in-person and online.

Interactive Classes

Games, music, readings, and cultural videos will help students expand their vocabulary and learn about our Hispanic heritage.

Flexible Schedule

We have in-person and online classes to meet the needs of each family.

Educational Resources

We provide the didactic materials and worksheets to stimulate the creativity and interest of our students.


At Habla Spanish Academy we use various teaching methods. Our reading curriculum uses a combination of the Syllabic and Analytical methods according to the student's needs. Our spelling curriculum uses sensory, and linguistic analysis methods. For advanced levels, we use direct vocabulary learning supported by our didactic materials.


We are committed to provide an excellent service; therefore, we consider as our best guarantee the opinion of our customers.

"The literacy classes at Habla Spanish Academy are terrific. All the teachers are very experienced. The curriculum is very comprehensive, and the children gain a lot of confidence not only in their reading and writing but also in their conversation. During the pandemic, classes moved online, and teachers did an exemplary job keeping classrooms organized and engaging to their students. I am impressed with how much my daughters have learned and so grateful that they were able to learn at home with their amazing teachers during this challenging year.”"

- Anna Reed
School member since 2020

"As a Latin family living in the United States, Habla Spanish Academy has been an invaluable tool in helping our kids be 100% bilingual. My kids enjoy their classes, and they love the teachers.."

- Maria Pineirua
School member since 2017

"My kids have been attending Habla Spanish Academy for almost 5 years and it has been the best decision for our family. Learning and keeping a second language is a must nowadays. Teaching your kids the gift of a second language is a valuable tool that they will have with them all their life. Not only the language but the whole culture itself. Don’t wait until middle or high school to start. The sooner the better. The teachers at Habla Spanish Academy are caring and well prepared and the overall academic program is wonderful. Invest on the gift of a second language, you will not regret it and your kids eventually will thank you.."

- Maria Elena Peralta
School member since 2016

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Lecto escritura.


Registration is open throughout the school year. Courses start during September, January and April.


Monthly or quarterly payment option. Download the PDF for more information or contact us.


Flexible hours from Monday to Saturday. Download the PDF for the class calendar for this term or contact us.


The academy provides students with a binder and worksheets as well as teaching materials to work in class.

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